Nov 12

No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt

 Author: Irene Hunt

Title: No Promises in the Wind

ISBN: 978-0425182802

Available at: Amazon, B&N , Goodreads

Overall Rating: 4 of 5

Family Friendliness: 3 of 5

Amazon synopsis: A fifteen-year-old boy struggles to survive and come to terms with inner conflicts in the desperate world of the Depression.

Roni’s Review:

This book makes the reader really think. We read it at family bedtime, since it was an assigned book for my sister. The ending was disappointing in the fact that we wanted to know more. One of those cliffhanger type deals. But I would highly recommend this as a book for people of all ages. The family friendliness score was lower because there are scenes that contain death and destruction, but not in great detail, and certainly not gory. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Great job!