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Author’s are special people, with creative minds that are able to capture our imaginations and take us to other worlds, and teach us about life.  Here you will get to meet a few of these individuals, who bring us heart warming tales of adventure.  Thank you for supporting them, by taking a moment to learn about who they are, their passion, and why they write. The list here is organized by date of posting.

If you are an author and would like to be show cased here please visit the Interview Instructions page.


04/12/2014 Glen Hierlmeier
04/05/2014 Marilyn Dalla Valle
03/29/2014 Tori L. Ridgewood
03/22/2014 Bobby Triplett
03/15/2014 Jon Ronnquist
03/08/2014 Thomas Oliver
03/01/2014 Iscah
02/22/2014 Jim Webster
02/15/2014 J. E. Fishman
02/08/2014 Maria DeVivo
02/01/2014  D W Carver
01/25/2014 Jeanette Raleigh
01/18/2014 Carrie Grant
01/11/2014 Patricia Fry
01/04/2014 Carolyn Esparza
12/28/2013 Wally Wood
12/21/2013 Dean Ravenola
12/14/2013 Pam Funke
12/07/2013 Josh Grayson
11/30/2013 Lenita Sheridan
11/23/2013 Louise Herman
11/16/2013 Victoria Masterson
10/26/2013 HR Moore
10/19/2013 Muriel Gill
10/05/2013 W.D. County
9/28/2013 Daniel Patrick
9/21/2013 Rick Hallock
8/31/2013 Stephanie Fleshman
8/24/2013 Zoltan Istvan
8/10/2013 Nikki Rae
8/3/2013 Lance Erlick
7/6/2013 Sharlene Almond
6/28/2013 Bryan Alaspa
3/19/2013 John A. Heldt
2/20/2013 D.J. Williams