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Book Reviews

Welcome to our Book Review page. Here you can browse the books we’ve been reviewing since 2012 in various different ways. Happy Exploring!

Alphabetical Order

Listing of all the books we’ve reviewed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

5 Star

Put the kettle on, because you’re going to be here for a while. Absolutely minor grammatical or editorial issues. Strong story that is engaging. Must be a page turner, and super hard to put down.


4 Star

Get comfy in your reading chair and enjoy. A book that is enjoyble, but may have some parts where the story drags, or had too much exposition.

3 Star

Eh, did not live up to expectations. We will have finished this book, but only by the hair on the authors teeth. Books that typically have a lot of exposition, information dumps, and no adequate story line or clear hero, is not engaging and super easy to put down, fall into this category. However, some may still find these engaging.

2 Star

Beating our heads against the wall. These are books that we’ve struggled to even read a single chapter, because there is just so much wrong with it.

1 Star

Run away! Don’t even bother. Wishing we could turn back time and not agree to review this book. This rating is reserved for those handful of books that are just painful to read.