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Copy Editing

My rate for copy editing is 0.001 cents per word. I am willing to copy edit your first chapter, free of charge so that you can have a sample of my work. This is what I will do for a copy edit:

  • Check spelling
  • Check grammar
  • Check basic formatting, i.e., quotation marks in place, indentation correct, comma’s correct etc.
  • Generate a master list of names (unless one is provided), to check consistency throughout novel.
  • Although I won’t tell you what to write, I will make comments here and there to point out places in the story line that are confusing to me.
  • I prefer copy editing science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult, coming of age, adventure, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and christian novels. I will copy edit non-fiction work as this is what I do on a daily basis.
  • I do not copy edit westerns, erotica, detective, non-fiction, poetry, espionage, politics and such.

I work on copy edit projects exclusively through the eLance website. If you would like me to do a copy edit for you, you must first be registered on eLance. Send me an email at rosebuzlrh AT gmail DOT com when you are ready to begin.

Content Editing

At present I am not taking on any content editing jobs. I’m a bit busy writing my own novels.